Routine Maintenance

How to get the best out of your evaporative cooler

Regular maintenance of your portable evaporative cooler can help prevent costly breakdowns, reduce energy costs and extend the life of your products. While the rugged, corrosion-resistant construction ensures low maintenance will be required, keeping your evaporative cooler clean will ensure it stays in peak operating condition.

Daily maintenance

The pump of your evaporative cooler should be turned off approximately 15 minutes before the fan is turned off each day. This allows the Kuul evaporative media to dry. Ensuring your Kuul evaporative media is dry at the end of the day not only extends its life, it also helps keep your media clean and your evaporative cooler working efficiently.

Weekly maintenance 

Your Portacool portable evaporative cooler should be shut down, disconnected from power and the tank should be drained once a week by removing the drain cap. Once the tank is drained and the power disconnected, the Kuul evaporative media may be removed to allow cleaning of the tank, where dust may collect over time. Ensure your evaporative media is dry before trying to remove it from the evaporative cooler. Replace the Kuul evaporative media in correct airflow direction, referring to the label on the side of the evaporative media pieces.

If conditions – such as hard water – warrant, Portacool Hard Water Treatment™ can be purchased from Portacool online or from authorized distributors. Portacool Hard Water Treatment keeps minerals present in your water in solution and off of your Kuul evaporative media by changing the ionic structure of the particles. It can increase cooling efficiency, remove and inhibit scale building up, reduce equipment corrosion, and extend evaporative media life. The water reservoir still needs to be drained regularly when using Portacool Hard Water Treatment. No amount of chemicals can make up for lack of cleaning.

You may also refer to the Kuul Comfort Maintenance and Service Guide for shock treatment recommendations.