Kuul Comfort Maintenance and Service Guide

A Practical Guide to Kuul Comfort™ Evaporative Media Maintenance and Service

This maintenance guide is intended to provide Kuul Comfort™ evaporative media users with practical steps for proper product maintenance. Proper maintenance will ensure maximum efficiency and extended media lifespan.

Introduction to evaporative cooling

The evaporative cooling process

When water evaporates into the air, the heat required to change water from a liquid to a gas is extracted from the air. The absorption of energy in the form of heat coincides with the natural law where energy cannot be created or destroyed. The natural process of evaporation removes heat from the air, which results in cooler and more humid air.

The unique design of Kuul Comfort™ evaporative media, combined with superior materials, allows water evaporation to be maximized in the smallest space and shortest time.

Ideally, the air to be cooled is pulled evenly through the evaporative media.

Water should be pumped to the top of the evaporative media and distributed evenly across the top of the evaporative media. With the assistance of gravity, the water is pulled downward and flows through the media. The evaporative media will absorb the water and, in turn, facilitate water molecule evaporation into the air.

More water than is required for evaporation (cooling) is pumped to the top of the media for even distribution. This extra water is used for cleaning the media and will return to the reservoir to be recirculated.

High efficiency and low pressure drop

Kuul evaporative media utilizes unique design to ensure low air-pressure drop when air is pulled through the media. This has substantial benefits in reduced fan energy consumption.

In addition to the low pressure drop, higher performance from a smaller system is possible with Kuul evaporative media. The high evaporation efficiency allows engineers and system designers to reduce the size of the evaporative system used.

Good maintenance is required to keep both of these important attributes performing as they should.

While Kuul evaporative media has proven to be extremely tough and resilient over decades of use, good maintenance is key for a long lifespan.

Poor water quality, chemicals in the water and lack of cleaning may damage the media’s performance.

Preventing algae growth on evaporative media

The following tips will assist in keeping your evaporative media free from algae:

Algae treatment

To remove severe old algae build-up:

Treatment for scale/calcium deposit

The method of removing scale/calcium deposits can be done as follows:

Aggressive and toxic cleaning agents

Many chemicals available in the market to clean evaporative media is harmful to the evaporative media, as well as the environment.

Cleaning your Kuul Comfort™ evaporative media with a chemical not recommended by Portacool, LLC may seriously harm the longevity of the evaporative media, softening the evaporative media to the point of collapse. This weakening will lead to the evaporative media needing to be replaced.

Additionally, many chemicals on the market are also highly corrosive, which may not only damage the evaporative media but can damage other components in your evaporative cooler.

At Portacool, LLC the preservation of our environment is important. We carefully select cleaning materials that biodegrade and are safe to the environment.