For five (5) years from date of purchase, Portacool, LLC (hereafter “Portacool”) warrants any original component part or parts of its Portacool Hurricane™ series portable evaporative coolers (the “Equipment”) that are found, upon examination by factory-authorized personnel, to be defective in material or workmanship.

If the Equipment and/or its original component parts, develop a defect covered by this limited warranty within the applicable time periods described above, the same may be repaired by the customer after receiving the appropriate parts from Portacool or entirely replaced with a new product of the same by Portacool at the option of Portacool.

All transportation charges for shipment of the Equipment and/or its component parts that are submitted for replacement or repair under this warranty must be borne by the purchaser. For warranty replacement information, please refer to our Warranty Return Policy, then visit our Warranty Return Request Form for return details.

This warranty is void if: i) the Equipment and/or its component parts are found to have been misused, abused, repaired by or tampered with by unqualified personnel; ii) any of the product’s component parts have been replaced with parts that were not authorized Portacool replacement parts; iii) the product has been modified in any way (other than repairs made by qualified individuals with Portacool replacement parts); iv) the product has not been appropriately registered by its original purchaser; or v) the customer cannot show proof of purchase as the product’s original owner.