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How Long Do Portable Outdoor Fans Last?

If you are considering getting a portable outdoor fan for your patio, one of your big concerns may be how long the fan will last.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to know exactly how long the fan will last. Here are some of the challenges in figuring out how long to expect your fan to last, and what factors might influence a fan’s lifetime.

Not All Fans Are Designed to Last

One of the prominent factors influencing the lifespan of a portable outdoor fan is how long they are engineered to last. Some fans are designed to be relatively long-lasting, while others are designed for short-term use and are fairly disposable.

Long-lasting fans are designed to last 50 years or more with regular maintenance. Inexpensive, disposable fans are unlikely to last more than three years with normal usage. Most mid-range fans are designed to last 6-10 years.

How to Tell How Long Your Fan Is Designed to Last

So how can you tell if your fan is designed to last for a long time or if it’s more disposable? One of the easiest ways to tell is to check for a lifetime warranty. Lifetime doesn’t refer to your lifetime; it refers to the expected lifetime of the fan. Most lifetime warranty statements will include a declaration of how long the product is expected to last.

Don’t have a lifetime warranty or can’t find the statement of lifetime? You could contact the manufacturer to get that information, but don’t expect to get world-class customer service. Instead, it might be best to consider design features of the fan that speak to its projected lifetime.

The best indicator of a long-lasting fan is how it’s put together. Fans designed for long life will have screws and bolts so you can disassemble the machine for maintenance and part replacement. Disposable fans will be held together with rivets, plastic snaps, glue, and/or plastic welds.

Also, look for maintenance schedules in the instructions. A long-term maintenance schedule speaks to machines that are designed to last. Little or no maintenance says that the fan is expected to be used until it breaks, then disposed of.

A replacement parts list is another good indicator that a fan is designed to last.

Factors That Will Influence the Life of Your Portable Outdoor Fan

Although outdoor portable fans might be designed to last more or less time, there are a few things you can do that will influence the life of your fan.

Is this Really an Outdoor Fan?

portable fanIf you buy a fan designed for indoor use, using it outdoors can be dangerous. It can lead to shock and fire hazards. It will also reduce the lifespan of the fan. Even if the fan doesn’t experience traumatic damage from water or falls, it can get clogged with debris or have plastic components degrade because of sun exposure.

Are You Performing Regular Maintenance?

Another key to the lifespan of your fan is whether you are following the recommended maintenance schedule for the fan. If the manufacturer recommends certain procedures, you should follow them to ensure your fan lasts as long as it’s supposed to.

Relocating and Adjusting

Portable outdoor fans are supposedly designed to be relocated regularly. Unfortunately, they aren’t always well-designed for this. Picking up and moving a fan can damage the stand, while adjusting the height or angle of the fan can wear out adjustment mechanisms like screws and clasps.

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