Keep Your Garage Cool While You Prep For #VanLife

Over the past year, we have seen countless innovative ways to cope with the global pandemic, from creating funny TikTok videos to starting new DIY projects. In fact, by July 2020, more than 80% of homeowners reported starting a home maintenance project. However, one large project many Americans have taken on expands beyond the realm of simple home improvement: RV and van renovations. Van life has become the go-to socially distant way of life for many Americans who are itching for a safe way to get out of their homes during the pandemic. According to the RV Industry Association, September 2020 saw a 31.2% increase in RV shipments from the previous year, with no sign of a downturn as Americans embrace the freedom and independence of living or traveling in a van.

If you are working towards your own #vanlife, you understand the work that goes into a DIY project of this scale. Renovating a large vehicle like an RV or old van is one of those projects that must be done in a garage or outdoors – and in the summertime, it doesn’t take long for the heat to become unbearable. However, there are measures you can take to ensure you stay cool and safe while working. First, stay hydrated. Dehydration is a significant risk when it comes to working in the heat, and drinking enough water can proactively prevent a dehydration-related emergency.

You should also make sure to take plenty of breaks to recover. It might be tempting to keep moving to finish tearing out that old floor or building your custom storage cabinets, but it is equally important to take time and allow your body to rest. During breaks, make sure you are out of the heat – inside if possible or in the shade.

Finally, consider a portable evaporative cooler to keep you cool throughout the course of your renovations. Self-proclaimed DIY addict Katie Cleveland recognized the danger excessive heat can cause when her non-airconditioned workshop reached 113°F one summer day in Arizona. Along with frequent breaks and water, Katie turned to a Portacool portable evaporative cooler. The cooler brought the temperature in her shop down tremendously, allowing Katie to pursue all her projects, large and small, in far more bearable temperatures.

Especially during a large-scale, outdoor project like renovating a van, Portacool portable evaporative coolers are an effective, energy-efficient solution you can keep in your work area and run all day. An extra bonus? Once you’re finished and ready to travel, you can take it with you to stay cool on your new adventures! Make sure to account for the proper space size and have enough water to run the machine, and you can use it to stay nice and cool while you’re barbequing a burger in your socially distanced camp area after a long day of driving.